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2023-12-11 Thứ hai
  • 05:51:13

    The U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve a ban on Russian uranium imports, sending it to the Senate for a vote.

  • 05:25:39

    International Monetary Fund: A third review of Ukraine’s lending program will be conducted in the spring of 2024, including a careful review of the measures needed to raise revenue.

  • 05:04:42

    U.S. Senate Majority Leader Schumer: The defense bill is expected to be advanced on Tuesday.

  • 05:02:27

    Broadcom (AVGO.O) closed up 9%, its biggest one-day gain since May.

  • 04:27:24

    IMF President Georgieva: The second review of Ukraine (finance) plans has been completed.

  • 04:19:09

    Traders: Argentinian stocks hit a new high, rising 3.7%, amid rising investor confidence in the new government.

  • 03:30:21

    White House: The United States welcomes the 72-hour ceasefire in Congo.

  • 03:24:47

    President of Guyana: Ready to defend its territory from Venezuela. Oil production continues despite threats from Venezuela.

  • 03:07:06

    The Bank of France expects GDP growth in the fourth quarter to be 0.1% (GDP growth in the third quarter was 0.1%).

  • 03:01:50

    Hang Seng Index futures closed up 0.82% in night trading at 16,344 points, a 143-point premium.

  • 02:54:34

    According to the Financial Times: The EU seeks to raise 15 billion euros for Ukraine from Russia’s frozen assets.

  • 02:41:17

    German Geoscience Research Center: A 5.5-magnitude earthquake occurred in Salta Province, Argentina.

  • 02:36:53

    Vice Chairman of Citigroup: Investors are interested in the M&A market, and the M&A environment is expected to begin to improve.

  • 02:18:24

    The Federal Reserve accepted a total of $838.507 billion from 82 counterparties in fixed-rate reverse repurchase operations.

  • 02:06:18

    The yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note fell after the auction data was released, but still rose 3.60 basis points on the day to 4.281%.

  • 02:03:42

    Israeli Defense Minister: Israel is open to a potential deal with Hezbollah as long as it includes a safe zone along the border and provides guarantees.

  • 02:02:01

    The U.S. three-month Treasury bond auction as of December 11 - the winning rate allocation percentage was 70.11%, compared with the previous value of 67.22%.

  • 02:02:00

    The U.S. three-month Treasury bond auction as of December 11 - the bid-to-bid ratio was 2.99, compared with the previous value of 2.98.

  • 02:01:55

    The U.S. 10-year Treasury bond auction as of December 11 - the winning interest rate was 4.296%, compared with the previous value of 4.52%.

  • 02:01:29

    Reuters poll: 22 out of 23 analysts expect the Bank of Mexico to maintain its benchmark interest rate at 11.25% on Thursday.

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