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2024-03-03 Sunday
  • 21:26:21

    Ukrainian President Zelensky: Putin will not change. We all must change before he or any other aggressor succeeds.

  • 21:25:26

    Ukrainian President Zelensky: If anyone thinks that the conflict in Ukraine is only about Ukraine itself, then they are basically wrong.

  • 21:23:06

    COMEX silver futures fell 1.00% on the day and are currently trading at $23.10 per ounce.

  • 21:21:58

    Norwegian Energy Minister: The oil industry is crucial to energy security.

  • 21:20:00

    The New York Fed Manufacturing Index for January in the United States and the monthly CPI rate for Canada in December will be released in ten minutes.

  • 21:19:06

    Spot silver fell more than 1.00% during the day and is currently trading at $22.96 per ounce.

  • 21:18:58

    Morgan Stanley (MS.N): Expects long-term return on tangible common equity (ROTCE) to be 20%. Long-term customer assets are expected to exceed $10 trillion.

  • 21:12:49

    Mazda Motor Corporation: It has reached an agreement with Tesla that electric vehicles launched in the North American market from 2025 will use the Tesla NACS charging standard.

  • 21:11:05

    The main iron ore contract rose by 2.00% during the day and is currently trading at 952.00 yuan/ton.

  • 21:10:06

    Cantor Fitzgerald CEO: The U.S. economy remains “strong.” There is simply no chance that the Fed will cut interest rates as expected.

  • 21:05:55

    According to the Wall Street Journal: Shell (SHEL.N) suspended Red Sea shipping due to concerns about Houthi armed attacks.

  • 21:04:55

    U.S. and Burundi oil prices rose by $0.7 in the short term, now trading at $73.58/barrel and $79.04/barrel respectively.

  • 21:04:07

    Hungarian Prime Minister Orban: I think we need to help Ukraine, but not damage the EU budget.

  • 21:01:32

    The main coking coal contract rose by more than 2.00% during the day and is currently trading at 1,817.00 yuan/ton. The main contract of coke expanded to 2.00% during the day and is now quoted at 2447.50 yuan/ton.

  • 21:00:05

    At the opening of night trading, the main contracts for styrene (EB), soda ash, fuel oil, low-sulfur fuel oil (LU), iron ore, and coking coal rose by nearly 2%; in terms of decline, the main contract for pulp fell by 0.49%.

  • 20:58:49

    Greek shipping ministry sources confirmed that the Greek-owned ship MT ZOGRAFIA was hit by a missile attack in Yemen.

  • 20:58:06

    Fitch Ratings: U.S. consumer spending is expected to slow in 2024.

  • 20:57:36

    Fitch Ratings: Continued disruption to key global trade routes could lead to further weakening of global trade flows.

  • 20:56:33

    Fitch Ratings: International trade flows continue to be weak in many emerging markets, with annual growth rates of both exports and imports declining in 2023.

  • 20:54:54

    Fitch Ratings: International trade flows in emerging markets show vulnerability.

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