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2023-09-22 Friday
  • 00:53:05

    The two oil prices in the United States and Burundi continued to decline, falling by more than 0.4 US dollars in the short term, and are now at US $79.48/barrel and US $83.54/barrel respectively.

  • 00:50:58

    Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Summers: In the next 10 years, the average U.S. 10-year Treasury yield may reach 4.75%.

  • 00:47:15

    Oil prices continued to fall, Brent crude oil fell by 1.00% in the day, and is now at $83.75 per barrel.

  • 00:45:07

    WTI crude oil fell more than 1.00% in the day and is now at $79.81 per barrel. Brent crude oil fell back below $84/barrel, down 0.72% on the day.

  • 00:40:42

    U.S. Steel (XN) rose to 4% on news that ArcelorMittal is considering the possibility of acquiring U.S. Steel (XN).

  • 00:39:36

    Petrobras CEO: Brazil should have a buffer account for oil price volatility.

  • 00:32:31

    Spot gold fell back below $1,900 an ounce twice during the day, with a low of $1,899.46 an ounce.

  • 00:11:44

    Bitcoin fell back below $29,000 per coin for the first time since August 7, down 0.58% on the day.

  • 00:11:07

    Russian Ministry of Economy: As of August 14, the annual inflation rate was 4.66%, up from 4.43% a week ago.

  • 00:10:58

    The death toll in the Dominican Republic has risen to 25, according to Agence France-Presse citing emergency services.

  • 00:10:34

    Market news: Brazil plans to end subsidies for fossil fuels.

  • 00:10:23

    Market news: Brazil will set a carbon emission cap for large polluting companies.

  • 00:08:15

    Market news: The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, the Italian Financial Supervisory Authority and the Bank of Italy signed a cooperation agreement.

  • 00:03:29

    Amazon (AMZN.O): Will display Amazon-sponsored product ads on Pinterest and Buzzfeed platforms.

  • 23:42:47

    German Chancellor Scholz: We will gradually reduce electricity prices.

  • 23:26:42

    German Chancellor Scholz: Germany has the ability to deal with current problems.

  • 23:25:35

    German Chancellor Scholz: Energy prices still need to fall further.

  • 23:25:26

    German Chancellor Scholz: The economy has weathered the crisis better than many predicted.

  • 23:25:16

    German Chancellor Scholz: The German economy is facing challenging times.

  • 23:14:56

    USGS: 5.0-magnitude earthquake struck 159 kilometers south of Severo-Kurilsk, Russia.

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