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As a well-known foreign exchange broker, JRFX is committed to providing customers with the highest quality service, technical support and trading experience with its experienced financial team, and has become one of the most respected foreign exchange brokers in the world
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Analyst's opinion

Analyst's opinion (AOI)

TRADING CENTRAL analysts' research, forecasts, comments and prices (support/resistance/target/stop) will be superimposed on the MT4 real-time chart, covering most actively traded financial instruments



TRADING CENTRAL TCAC can embed any MT4 chart price-high-low-especially the most appropriate trading pattern we think, while eliminating less relevant pattern analysis.



ADC is based on MACD index, which can automatically adjust its effective length according to market changes, avoid excessive signals and prevent market shocks, and provide a more practical and feasible strategy for short-term trading

Why choose Trading Central

Trading Central is a benchmark for technical analysis.
can help you improve your trading ability by learning, practicing, analyzing and summarizing experience

More than 100 leading
financial companies provide services

It is a global benchmark for serving more than 100 leading financial companies

Trading Central
Asia Limited

In Asia, Trading Central has been licensed by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).

web lecture training for customers

Provide customers with online lecture training to improve their technical analysis skills

Won the
Best Expert Product Award in 2018

Won the Best Expert Product Award in 2018
(The Technical Analyst)

The most influential
financial technology company in 2019

It is recognized as "the most influential financial technology company in 2019"
(The Financial Technologist)

Invest anytime, anywhere

World-class trading platform software, trading anytime and anywhere
As one of the most popular trading platforms in the world, the advantage of MT4 lies in its simple operation and practicality. Other advantages include a wide variety of built-in analytics tools and a growing community that allows you to easily and freely add metrics and automate trading strategies.
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