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2024-05-19 Sunday
  • 04:21:21

    According to Iranian media: The weather in the area where the helicopter crashed has become very cold and it is snowing in some areas.

  • 04:17:18

    According to Iranian media: A representative of the Red Crescent organization said that one of the possible locations of the helicopter accident was three hours away.

  • 04:13:42

    According to the Saudi Press Agency: Saudi King Salman suffers from lung inflammation and will be treated in the palace.

  • 00:02:15

    The White House: US President Biden has been briefed on the hard landing of a helicopter carrying the Iranian president.

  • 23:49:24

    Iraqi Prime Minister: No progress in negotiations with oil companies on resuming oil exports from the Kurdistan Region to Turkey.

  • 23:32:59

    Libya National Oil Corporation: A new pipeline from the North Hamadar oil field has begun operations, with an initial capacity expected to be 2,000 barrels per day.

  • 23:01:29

    Iranian officials: Life of Iranian President Raisi and Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian in danger after helicopter crash. Still holding out hope, but information coming from the crash site is very worrying.

  • 22:53:44

    Blue Origin: The capsule for the NS-25 mission has landed, welcoming the crew back.

  • 22:23:37

    [The highest temperature in New Delhi, India, exceeds 47 degrees Celsius, and tens of millions of people in India face a water crisis] On the 18th local time, high temperatures continued in northern and western India, and many northern states have entered a state of high alert. The capital New Delhi issued a severe weather alert on the same day. In the past three days, the highest temperature in New Delhi has exceeded 47 degrees Celsius, and the temperature in surrounding areas has also continued to soar. The Associated Press reported that India usually experiences a period of high temperatures before the arrival of the monsoon rainy season in June every year. It is understood that tens of millions of people in India are currently facing a water crisis.

  • 21:40:51

    Market News: The container ship that crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore will be moved to a nearby dock on Monday.

  • 21:37:35

    According to the Financial Times: European private equity group EQT is in advanced talks to buy Irish video game services company Keywords Studios for £2.2 billion, the latest potential acquisition of a London-listed company.

  • 21:34:44

    [Lebanon says fires broke out in many places in southern Lebanon after being attacked by Israeli army] On May 19, local time, according to the Lebanese National News Agency, Bint Jubail, Aaron, Mes Jabal, Wazzani, Hula and other places in southern Lebanon were attacked by Israeli white phosphorus bombs or artillery shells that day. The attack caused many fires in the above villages and towns. It is reported that the fire in Mes Jabal town is approaching the town hospital and residential houses.

  • 21:33:43

    Iranian Interior Minister Vahidi: We are waiting for further details.

  • 21:33:33

    Iranian Interior Minister Vahidi: Due to severe weather conditions, rescue teams are still on their way to the scene.

  • 21:33:16

    Iranian Interior Minister Vahidi: The search is ongoing.

  • 21:32:42

    Iranian Interior Minister Vahidi confirmed that a helicopter in the convoy carrying Iranian President Raisi had a hard landing.

  • 21:15:46

    USGS: A magnitude 6.0 earthquake occurred 161 km west-southwest of Nikolsky, Alaska.

  • 21:03:04

    Egyptian Customs: Extending the tariff exemption period for some goods by three months.

  • 20:51:32

    Germany and France issued a joint statement: Deeply concerned about the situation in Georgia.

  • 19:11:11

    According to the Times of Israel: Israeli troops operating in Jabaliya in northern Gaza have discovered several weapons caches, as well as rocket launchers and a weapons manufacturing plant in the area.

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