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2023-06-05 Monday
  • 18:01:03

    Indonesian Energy Minister Tasrif: Indonesia will finalize the Masela block deal by the end of June.

  • 17:52:16

    European Commission proposes stronger ties with Latin America/Caribbean, restarting summits with Brazil, Mexico.

  • 17:51:53

    European Commission: EU and Latin America should reduce over-reliance on third parties and diversify trade.

  • 17:51:32

    According to related documents, the European Commission said that the completion of the EU-Mercosur agreement is a priority for the EU.

  • 17:48:58

    Country Garden (02007.HK) contracted sales of RMB 18.2 billion in May.

  • 17:46:18

    German Transport Ministry: German car registrations rose 19.2% to 246,966 in May.

  • 17:19:43

    Kremlin: OPEC+ is an important format to ensure the stability of the global energy market.

  • 17:05:50

    Prigozin, founder of the "Wagner" group: Part of the area north of Bakhmut has been occupied by the Ukrainian army.

  • 17:01:43

    Kremlin: Russia ready to negotiate nuclear arms control with US.

  • 17:00:16

    The monthly rate of PPI in the euro zone recorded -3.2% in April, the largest drop on record.

  • 17:00:02

    The annual rate of PPI in the euro zone was 1% in April, expected to be 1.40%, and the previous value was 5.90%.

  • 16:50:00

    Eurozone April PPI monthly rate will be released in ten minutes.

  • 16:45:55

    Geely Automobile sold 120,100 vehicles in May; sales of pure electric vehicles in May were 24,100, and sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles were 2,912.

  • 16:30:31

    UK official reserves change in May -$984 million from $545 million previously.

  • 16:30:02

    The composite PMI of the UK in May was 54, expected to be 53.9, and the previous value was 53.9.

  • 16:02:30

    The Indian government said it has drawn up a roadmap for US-India defense industry cooperation in the next few years.

  • 15:54:00

    Market news: Hungarian Foreign Minister Szijarto met with Likhachev, President of the Russian State Nuclear Energy Corporation.

  • 15:50:02

    The final value of the service industry PMI in France in May was 52.5, expected to be 52.8, and the previous value was 52.8.

  • 15:42:32

    According to Polish media PR24. PL: The EU will extend the restrictions on Ukrainian grains before mid-September.

  • 15:40:00

    France, Germany and the Eurozone May services PMI final value will be released in ten minutes.

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