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2023-06-05 Monday
  • 09:09:46

    The main iron ore contract in Singapore rose 4% to $108 a tonne, the highest level since April 21.

  • 09:03:28

    HSBC shares traded 12.5 million shares at HK$58.2 per share via block trades.

  • 09:00:27

    The annual rate of the TD-MI inflation index in Australia in May was 5.9%, the previous value was 6.10%.

  • 08:34:27

    White House officials: will continue to work with all fuel producers to ensure that the energy market supports US economic growth.

  • 08:10:05

    U.S. and Brent oil rose back to 1.8%, and are now at $73.2/barrel and $77.6/barrel respectively.

  • 07:55:43

    Chief Investment Officer of OASIS, an international investment management company: The current price range of the yen provides certainty for companies.

  • 07:43:30

    [Peskov: If the West provides Ukraine with longer-range missiles, the situation will escalate] Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov said in an interview with Russian media on June 4 local time that the weapons provided by Western countries to Ukraine are constantly upgrading. , If Western countries provide Ukraine with missiles with a range of 500 kilometers or more, tensions will escalate again. The United Kingdom confirmed on the 11th of last month that it had provided the Ukrainian army with the "Storm Shadow" cruise missile. This type of missile has a range of more than 250 kilometers, and the UK has become the first country to provide cruise missiles to Ukraine.

  • 07:21:49

    S&P: Australian residential mortgage defaults to rise in the first quarter of 2023.

  • 07:07:41

    Governor of the Belgorod region of Russia: The Belgorod energy facility caught fire.

  • 06:34:03

    Russian Ministry of Defense: Military operations in Ukraine began on June 4.

  • 06:27:56

    According to Ria Novosti: When Ukraine launched a large-scale operation, the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Gerasimov was at a control point.

  • 06:05:44

    Brent crude was up 2.7 percent at $78.30 a barrel.

  • 06:00:28

    WTI crude oil opened up 3% on Monday, at $74.11 a barrel. OPEC+ extended the voluntary production reduction agreement until the end of next year, and Saudi Arabia will make an additional production reduction of 1 million barrels per day in July alone.

  • 04:49:13

    The Cessna plane is believed to have been on autopilot and was not responding to crew calls, according to a person familiar with the matter.

  • 04:43:53

    U.S. official: Cessna plane violated regulations, but military plane did not cause civilian plane to crash.

  • 04:43:07

    U.S. officials: The "sonic boom" in Washington was caused by military aircraft responding to airspace violations.

  • 04:18:42

    According to the British Telegraph: Sunak will lobby in the United States for the appointment of British Defense Secretary Wallace as NATO chairman.

  • 04:16:32

    BNO News: A small plane crashed and exploded in Virginia after it failed to respond while flying over Washington, D.C., which may have prompted the fighter jets to scramble.

  • 04:14:13

    [Sudanese conflicting parties continue to exchange fire in Khartoum and Darfur] On June 4, local time, the armed conflict between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces continued in the capital Khartoum and its surrounding areas. Khartoum The conflicts in the south and east of Mu City and the nearby north of North Khartoum City were particularly intense. Both sides used heavy artillery and other heavy weapons. The Rapid Support Forces said on the same day that it shot down a Sudanese Armed Forces MiG fighter jet.

  • 04:13:37

    On June 4, local time, Iraqi President Rashid met with visiting Syrian Foreign Minister Mekdad at the Baghdad presidential palace. The two sides held talks on strengthening existing relations between Iraq and Syria, as well as common issues at the regional and international levels.

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