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2023-09-22 Friday
  • 19:55:32

    ECB Vice President Guindos: Inflation risks are now balanced.

  • 19:48:42

    Russian Defense Ministry: A serviceman was killed in an attack on the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Navy.

  • 19:47:50

    Russian Defense Ministry: Russia shot down 5 missiles over Crimea.

  • 19:43:47

    Chilean Central Bank: Cutting interest rates by 75 basis points is seen as fully consistent with the outlook.

  • 19:41:51

    Chile’s central bank: This month it is considering the option of cutting interest rates by 50 basis points, 75 basis points or 100 basis points.

  • 19:41:22

    Chilean Central Bank: The key interest rate will be 7.75%-8% at the end of the year.

  • 19:40:09

    Hungarian Economy Minister: New taxes on banks will pose a threat to the restoration of lending, and without lending there will be no economic growth.

  • 19:39:45

    Hungarian Economy Minister Nagy: The annual inflation rate in December may reach 8%.

  • 19:24:30

    The South African rand extended gains against the US dollar to 1%.

  • 19:24:17

    Bank of America: So far this year, U.S. Treasury debt has flowed in at $147 billion.

  • 19:23:57

    Bank of America: The Bank of America bull/bear indicator fell to 3.4 from 3.6, hurt by outflows from emerging market debt, high-yield bonds and long-term developed market holdings, but record long hedge fund positions in 2-year Treasuries rose To counteract the effect.

  • 19:23:53

    Bank of America: The bond market has seen inflows for 26 consecutive weeks, while European stock markets have experienced outflows for 28 consecutive weeks.

  • 19:23:24

    Bank of America: Cash inflows have reached $1 trillion so far this year, and investors are cautiously "waiting for profits."

  • 19:23:05

    Bank of America: In the latest week, bond inflows were US$2.5 billion, cash market outflows were US$4.3 billion, and gold market outflows were US$300 million.

  • 19:22:36

    Bank of America: According to EPFR data, stock market outflows reached $16.9 billion in the latest week, the largest weekly outflow since December 2022.

  • 19:15:54

    The German 10-year government bond yield has recovered and is now at 2.752%.

  • 19:12:05

    Market news: Citigroup (CN) warned UK staff that hundreds of job cuts may be possible.

  • 19:10:30

    Market news: Citigroup (CN) informed UK employees of possible layoffs.

  • 19:09:54

    Russia-backed Crimean officials say Russia shot down a missile in Crimea.

  • 19:04:01

    The Dutch government lowered its forecast for 2023 funding needs to 74.9 billion euros.

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