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2024-07-19 Friday
  • 01:54:44

    U.S. Department of Defense: Secretary Austin has absolute confidence in U.S. President Biden.

  • 01:43:11

    The US President’s medical team: Biden’s vital signs remain normal.

  • 01:16:34

    The Federal Reserve accepted a total of US$391.652 billion from 66 counterparties in fixed-rate reverse repurchase operations.

  • 01:15:35

    Former Democratic Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Pelosi: The conversation with U.S. President Biden was misinterpreted in the media.

  • 01:07:29

    California New Car Dealers Association: Tesla (TSLA.O) sales in California fell 24% in the second quarter of 2024.

  • 01:05:28

    Sources: The ECB is open to cutting interest rates in September if upcoming data confirms that the decline in inflation is still ongoing.

  • 00:42:14

    According to AFP: Bangladesh experiences widespread internet outages after deadly riots.

  • 00:35:28

    White House: US Vice President and Senate Speaker Harris is also expected to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

  • 00:30:18

    The White House: No signs of all-out war seen in northern Israel.

  • 00:30:06

    The White House: Iran should know without a doubt the U.S. position on the development of their nuclear program.

  • 00:29:55

    British Prime Minister-elect Starmer: We will use £84 million of new funds for aid projects in Africa and the Middle East.

  • 00:29:47

    The CBOE Volatility Index, a gauge of expected futures prices, rose to 16.12, its highest level since May 1.

  • 00:27:11

    British Prime Minister-elect Starmer: Will deepen cooperation with the EU in the fields of defense and security.

  • 00:26:04

    British Prime Minister-elect Starmer vows to stand with Ukraine, no matter how long it takes.

  • 00:24:28

    U.S. Republican Congressman Turner: U.S. President Biden needs to fire the Director of the Secret Service.

  • 00:23:43

    The White House: Hope to see the Rafah border crossing open so humanitarian aid can flow.

  • 00:22:12

    The White House: We have been monitoring threats from Iran, especially during the previous administration.

  • 00:22:00

    According to the US political news website Politico: Microsoft (MSFT.O) signed an antitrust agreement with French cloud computing company OVHCloud.

  • 00:21:20

    Central Bank of Egypt: Real GDP growth in the first quarter of 2024 was 2.2%, lower than 2.3% in the previous quarter.

  • 00:18:02

    The White House: We look forward to a meeting between Netanyahu and US President Biden when the Israeli leader visits.

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