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2023-12-11 Monday
  • 01:50:25

    Israeli Defense Minister: Israel is willing to discuss all alternatives on who will control Gaza, as long as it is not hostile to Israel.

  • 01:50:00

    The U.S. 10-year Treasury bond auction to December 11 - the winning interest rate and bid multiple will be announced in ten minutes.

  • 01:47:33

    Israeli Defense Minister: Israel has no intention of permanently stationing itself in the Gaza Strip.

  • 01:47:24

    Ukrainian President Zelensky: I hope I can rely on the United States, just like the United States can rely on Ukraine.

  • 01:42:30

    Ukrainian President Zelensky: Ukraine is just a stepping stone for Russia.

  • 01:42:14

    Israeli Defense Minister: (Asked about reports of Israel’s use of white phosphorous bombs) The IDF’s actions were in compliance with international law.

  • 01:33:43

    US Defense Secretary Austin: The United States must fulfill its commitments.

  • 01:33:02

    U.S. Defense Secretary Austin: Russian President Putin still believes he can outlast Ukraine and the United States.

  • 01:32:21

    U.S. Defense Secretary Austin: If we don’t stand up for Ukraine now, it will only lead to more bloodshed and conflict.

  • 01:32:01

    US Defense Secretary Austin: Unwavering support for Ukraine.

  • 01:18:15

    COMEX gold futures fell 1.00% during the day and are currently at $1,994.30 per ounce.

  • 01:03:53

    Market news: The EU is close to reaching an agreement on the 12th round of sanctions against Russia.

  • 01:02:23

    According to Interfax: Russia bans durum wheat exports until May 31, 2024.

  • 00:44:47

    The EU will propose sanctions against extremist Israeli settlers.

  • 00:33:26

    The U.S. three-year Treasury yield rose 5.4 basis points to 4.517%.

  • 00:32:03

    White House Deputy Press Secretary Bates: Failure to take additional measures will increase costs indefinitely.

  • 00:31:56

    The U.S. six-month Treasury bond auction as of December 11 - the winning interest rate was 5.19%, compared with the previous value of 5.19%.

  • 00:31:45

    The U.S. 3-year Treasury bond auction as of December 11th - the winning interest rate was 4.49%, compared with the previous value of 4.70%.

  • 00:29:06

    Tunisian central bank official: The Tunisian central bank will keep the key interest rate unchanged at 8%.

  • 00:26:10

    White House: Actively working to implement humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

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