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2024-05-19 Sunday
  • 17:22:47

    A Russian airstrike in Kharkiv, Ukraine, has killed at least four people and injured eight, local officials said.

  • 17:13:20

    [Saudi King Salman to be hospitalized for examination] On the 19th local time, the Saudi Royal Court issued an announcement that Saudi King Salman will be examined at the Salam Palace Clinic in Jeddah that day due to high fever and joint pain. The medical team will examine him to diagnose his condition and monitor his health.

  • 16:58:22

    According to the Ukrainian state news agency: The wreckage of the downed drone fell in a residential area of Odessa, and the administrative building in the area was damaged.

  • 16:45:46

    According to the Kiev Independent: The Ukrainian Air Force said that all 37 Russian attack drones that flew towards Ukraine at night were shot down.

  • 16:34:46

    [Lebanese Hezbollah claimed to have attacked Israeli positions many times, Israel claimed to have launched air strikes to counterattack] Lebanese Hezbollah released a war report on May 18, saying that it had launched 12 attacks on Israeli positions, including artillery attacks on military bases and military equipment in northern Israel. Lebanese Hezbollah also claimed to have launched rockets and drones into northern Israel. On the same day, the Israel Defense Forces claimed that the Israeli army had launched air strikes on several Lebanese Hezbollah military buildings in southern Lebanon and shelled southern Lebanon.

  • 16:28:27

    Ukrainian Navy: Ukrainian forces destroyed a minesweeper of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

  • 16:15:01

    According to the Associated Press: Armed men attacked the residence of Congolese politician Vital Kamerhe.

  • 15:57:59

    According to TASS: There was no fire at the Slavyansk refinery in southern Russia after the drone attack.

  • 15:14:39

    Gazprom: Will continue to supply natural gas to Europe through Ukraine, with 42.4 million cubic meters delivered on Sunday.

  • 15:14:23

    Russian Defense Ministry: Russia shot down U.S. bombers and drones used by Ukraine to attack Russian regions at night.

  • 15:10:33

    According to Interfax: Six drones crashed at the Slavyansk refinery in southern Russia.

  • 13:43:04

    According to the Saudi Press Agency: The Saudi king has a high fever and will undergo medical examination.

  • 12:11:27

    According to the Financial Times: The UK is setting rules for training artificial intelligence models.

  • 11:40:53

    Market news: Rocket alert activated in kibbutz near Gaza.

  • 22:29:09

    According to the Times of Israel: The Israel Defense Forces said tank troops destroyed about 100 Hamas activity sites in Rafah and discovered more than 10 tunnels.

  • 22:04:39

    According to the Times of Israel: 10 rockets were fired from northern Gaza towards Israel, five were intercepted and the others landed in open areas.

  • 21:42:04

    According to the Times of Israel: Rocket alerts have been activated in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon and its surrounding areas.

  • 20:51:46

    UK Maritime Trade Operations Office (UKMTO): A vessel was attacked 76 nautical miles northwest of Hodeidah, Yemen and suffered minor damage.

  • 20:45:40

    Slovak court spokesman: The court ruled that the suspect in the assassination of Slovak Prime Minister Fico will be detained.

  • 19:17:21

    Market news: As the deadline approaches, BHP Billiton (BHP.N) is discussing improved plans for its acquisition of Anglo American.

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