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2024-04-22 Monday
  • 03:35:04

    U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC): As of the week ending April 16, speculative net long positions in COMEX copper futures increased by 2,263 lots to 52,950 lots.

  • 03:33:31

    Bank of Canada Governor Macklem: Geopolitical tensions are a source of deep concern for the international community.

  • 03:33:17

    Bank of Canada Governor Macklem: There are signs that household finances are under pressure, primarily among non-mortgage holders; delinquency rates have risen, but have not yet reached worrying levels.

  • 03:32:50

    Bank of Canada Governor Macklem: The central bank will look for evidence that the recent downward trend in inflation continues.

  • 03:32:12

    Bank of Canada Governor Macklem: The overall downside risks to the forecast have declined.

  • 03:31:48

    Bank of Canada Governor Macklem: The conflicts in the Middle East and Russia-Ukraine have cast a shadow on the global economy.

  • 03:16:02

    Market news: PepsiCo has only used 36 of the promised 100 Tesla semi-trailers.

  • 03:02:17

    Hang Seng Index futures closed up 0.51% at 16,331 points in the night session, 107 points higher.

  • 03:00:22

    According to Nikkei: Chip stocks face the risk of a correction as TSMC downgrades its industry outlook.

  • 02:36:57

    The White House: The United States can provide weapons to Ukraine "immediately" if additional US funding is approved.

  • 02:31:51

    IMF: Any steps by Argentina to lift foreign exchange controls would need to be carefully considered as imbalances remain.

  • 02:31:01

    Nike (NKE.N) said the cuts at its Oregon headquarters included a previous round of layoffs.

  • 02:29:23

    Nike (NKE.N) said the total number of layoffs at its Oregon headquarters will reach 740 by June 28.

  • 02:11:44

    The White House: We do not want to see the conflict in the Middle East escalate.

  • 02:10:57

    The White House: Will continue to closely monitor the oil and energy markets.

  • 02:08:51

    The White House: No comment on reports about Israel and Iran.

  • 01:55:50

    Huntington Bank CEO: We have begun to adjust to fewer interest rate cuts (expectations).

  • 01:55:31

    Huntington Bank CEO: Loan growth is expected to accelerate in the second quarter.

  • 01:50:54

    World Bank: 11 countries pledged more than $11 billion to new hybrid capital and portfolio guarantee instruments to expand financing capacity by $70 billion over the next decade.

  • 01:50:28

    World Bank: Denmark, Germany, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom have pledged to provide funds to the hybrid capital facility.

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