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2023-09-22 Friday
  • 14:05:03

    GBP/USD extended its losses against the US dollar, falling 0.2% on the day to 1.2269, after data showed that UK retail sales growth in August was lower than expected.

  • 14:04:27

    Swedish central bank president Teden: There are some forces that may continue to depress the value of the Swedish krona in the short term, but the longer the value is depressed, the more important fundamentals will become.

  • 14:03:56

    UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA): Microsoft/Activision Blizzard’s new deal opens the door to CMA approval.

  • 14:03:12

    The Australian LNG strike ended, and European natural gas fell by 6%.

  • 13:54:23

    Azerbaijan Foreign Policy Advisor: We want Karabakh Armenians to integrate into Azerbaijan.

  • 13:53:06

    Azerbaijani foreign policy adviser: Azerbaijani army will be obliged to take measures against Karabakh fighters who use force against Azerbaijani authorities.

  • 13:52:30

    Azerbaijan Foreign Policy Advisor: Some individual Karabakh fighting units have stated that they will not accept our conditions and will continue to resist.

  • 13:52:09

    Azerbaijan Foreign Policy Advisor: Azerbaijan is considering possible amnesty measures for the Nagorno-Karabakh military organization that has laid down its weapons.

  • 13:27:14

    Indian government report: Indian capital markets are expected to continue to be an attractive destination for domestic and foreign investors.

  • 13:25:25

    Indian government reports: Private sector is in good shape, according to second quarter advance tax data.

  • 13:25:14

    Citi: believes that the probability of the Bank of England raising interest rates again is close to 35%; according to the basic scenario, no further interest rate increases are expected until May 2024.

  • 13:24:36

    Indian government report: Stock market correction risks and geopolitical developments may have a potential impact on investment sentiment in the second half of fiscal 2024.

  • 13:03:02

    Morgan Stanley: The Bank of England is expected to start cutting interest rates in May 2024, with interest rates expected to be 4% by the end of 2024.

  • 13:01:06

    Morgan Stanley expects the Bank of England to keep interest rates unchanged at 5.25% for the rest of the year.

  • 12:56:24

    Source: A second cargo ship has left the Ukrainian Black Sea port of Chornomorsk after loading grain.

  • 12:36:34

    Barclays: Lowered its Bank of England terminal interest rate forecast to 5.25% from 5.5% previously; it expects the Bank of England interest rate to remain at 5.25% until mid-2024.

  • 12:25:48

    The Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia will visit India from September 24 to 28.

  • 12:25:37

    BNP Paribas: The Bank of England is expected to cut interest rates one less time in the second quarter of 2024, but it still expects interest rates to reach 4.00% in 2024.

  • 12:24:02

    BNP Paribas lowered its Bank of England terminal interest rate forecast to 5.25% from 5.50%.

  • 12:21:59

    Market news: Thailand’s tourist arrivals in August were 2.47 million.

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