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2023-12-11 Monday
  • 19:31:27

    Central Bank of Ukraine: As of November 1, Ukraine’s foreign exchange reserves were US$38.97 billion.

  • 19:31:10

    Bank of Israel: Sold $8.2 billion in foreign currency in October as part of a $30 billion plan to defend the Israeli shekel.

  • 19:30:58

    Bank of Israel: Foreign exchange reserves in October were US$191.235 billion.

  • 19:17:09

    NATO: In accordance with the provisions of international law, it intends to suspend the implementation of the Conventional Arms Control Treaty until necessary. Continue efforts to reduce military risks and prevent misunderstandings and conflicts.

  • 19:15:56

    Market News: NATO condemns Russia’s decision to withdraw from the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE).

  • 19:14:14

    Spot silver fell more than 2.00% during the day and is currently trading at $22.56 per ounce.

  • 19:12:31

    Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase: Coinbase NFT degradation performance issue has been resolved.

  • 19:11:31

    Brazilian Central Bank: Fiscal uncertainty increases risk premiums.

  • 19:11:08

    Brazilian Central Bank: Uncertainty about fiscal targets has increased.

  • 19:10:07

    Brazil’s central bank: Taking into account the small impact of El Niño on food prices.

  • 19:09:33

    According to the Wall Street Journal: The United States and NATO will suspend participation in a Cold War-era arms treaty.

  • 19:03:59

    Brazilian Central Bank: The Committee agreed that the increased uncertainty in the global situation requires caution.

  • 19:02:30

    Brazilian Central Bank: The global economic outlook has become more volatile and adverse.

  • 19:01:30

    Brazilian Central Bank: Tightening monetary policy still needs to be implemented.

  • 19:00:46

    Morgan Stanley Wealth Management: Reduce its holdings in Tesla (TSLA.O).

  • 18:55:28

    United Nations Humanitarian Office: 569 aid trucks have arrived in Gaza so far, none carrying fuel.

  • 18:51:28

    The UK 2-year government bond yield fell 12.9 basis points to 4.594%, the largest single-day drop since September 20.

  • 18:49:14

    According to Interfax: The Board of Directors of Sberbank has extended the term of CEO GREF.

  • 18:45:00

    Coinbase: Performance degradation of Coinbase NFT is being investigated.

  • 18:35:46

    OPEC Secretary-General: We see an investment shortage in refining and petrochemicals.

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