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2023-09-22 Friday
  • 22:30:13

    The U.S. EIA crude oil production-induced demand data for the week ending August 11 was 20.7094 million barrels per day, compared with the previous value of 18.446 million barrels per day.

  • 22:30:10

    The EIA gasoline inventory in the United States for the week ending August 11 was -261,000 barrels, expected to be -1.26 million barrels, and the previous value was -2.661 million barrels.

  • 22:28:02

    The Russian ruble continued to rise, and the US dollar against the Russian ruble USD/RUB fell below 95, exceeding 2.5% on the day.

  • 22:20:00

    The U.S. EIA crude oil inventory and strategic petroleum reserve inventory for the week ending August 11 will be announced in ten minutes.

  • 22:16:33

    Traders: Argentine stocks rose more than 4.5% to hit record highs.

  • 22:15:50

    Petrobras CEO: The company will adjust prices independently according to needs, and will no longer adjust according to the principle of parity.

  • 22:13:50

    Trader: The Argentine peso depreciated by 4.58% in the informal parallel market to 765 pesos per dollar.

  • 22:13:13

    According to preliminary plans, Angola will load 37 crude oil cargoes in October, up from 31 in September, the sources said.

  • 22:10:24

    The emergency medical agency in the Libyan capital Tripoli said 55 people were killed and 146 injured in the conflict in Libya.

  • 22:08:26

    Corn imports in the 2023/24 season ended Aug. 13 at 1.82 million tonnes, down from 2.62 million tonnes a year earlier, official EU data showed.

  • 22:07:59

    Official EU data showed barley exports in the 2023/24 season ended Aug. 13 at 1.2 million tonnes, down from 1.63 million tonnes a year earlier.

  • 22:07:26

    CME Group (CME) restructured its foreign exchange business and consolidated foreign exchange business into one unit, led by Paul Houston.

  • 21:56:40

    Hawaiian Electric rose more than 7 percent in early trade after falling 60 percent in the previous six sessions.

  • 21:54:26

    Brent crude oil stood at $85/barrel, up 0.48% on the day. WTI crude oil rose 0.23% on the day and is now at $80.81 a barrel.

  • 21:38:19

    The U.S. dollar index DXY fell 14 points in the short term and is now at 103.08.

  • 21:34:51

    Vietnamese electric car maker VinFast fell nearly 30% at the opening, after closing up more than 254% in the previous session.

  • 21:32:11

    Target ( TGT.N ) opened 8.2 percent higher, its biggest gain since March 2022, after second-quarter adjusted earnings per share topped estimates.

  • 21:31:19

    U.S. stocks opened, the three major stock indexes fell, the Dow fell about 10 points, the S&P 500 fell 0.07%, and the Nasdaq fell 0.32%. ( JD.O ) fell 4.2 percent after reporting second-quarter earnings.

  • 21:24:20

    The U.S. 10-year Treasury yield rose to an intraday high of 4.235% after the release of the July industrial production data.

  • 21:17:18

    U.S. stock futures extended losses slightly after the release of July industrial production data.

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