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2024-04-22 Monday
  • 21:33:37

    Market News: The Ghana Stock Exchange has extended trading hours by one hour to 4pm.

  • 21:26:21

    U.S. stock index futures fell, with S&P 500 futures falling below 5,200 points, down 0.42%; Nasdaq 100 futures fell 0.4%; Dow futures fell 0.25%.

  • 21:15:47

    The U.S. manufacturing capacity utilization rate in February was 77%, compared with the previous value of 76.6%.

  • 21:15:14

    The monthly rate of U.S. manufacturing output in February was 0.8%, which was expected to be 0.30% and the previous value was -0.50%.

  • 21:14:18

    Market news: South African oil pipeline prices will increase by 5.98% in fiscal 2025.

  • 20:55:50

    The firm trading volume of COMEX gold futures shows that long and short orders are out of balance at 2170-2070.5 (corresponding to the spot gold price of approximately 2166-2166.5). For details, please refer to the "Database-COMEX Gold Futures Firm Trading Volume".

  • 20:53:12

    According to the Wall Street Journal: Boeing (BA.N) recommended that airlines check 787 cockpit seat switches.

  • 20:48:10

    Market News: The Israeli Prime Minister approved the "action plan" against Rafah.

  • 20:36:57

    According to local media: A polling station in St. Petersburg, Russia was attacked by a homemade incendiary bomb.

  • 20:36:12

    Competition Commission of India: The Commission found that “Google is implementing its policies in a discriminatory manner.”

  • 20:35:17

    Competition Commission of India: Google violated some competition rules and requires detailed investigation.

  • 20:34:34

    According to Indian media PTI: The Competition Commission of India has ordered an investigation into Google’s pricing issues in the Play Store.

  • 20:32:13

    Canadian wholesale sales in January were down 2% from an annual rate of 1.2%.

  • 20:26:36

    Goldman Sachs CEO Solomon: We have advocated major revisions to the Basel III reforms.

  • 20:23:52

    Goldman Sachs CEO Solomon: There is no doubt that artificial intelligence will disrupt a wide range of industries.

  • 20:18:01

    Goldman Sachs CEO Solomon: Since 2019, $25 billion has been raised through alternative investments, which is higher than the target.

  • 20:16:58

    Goldman Sachs CEO Solomon: CEOs tell me that consumer economic conditions are tougher.

  • 20:16:05

    Riksbank: Anna Semm’s first monetary policy meeting will be June 26.

  • 20:15:34

    In Canada, 253,468 new housing starts were started in February, compared with the expected 230,000 units and the previous value of 223,600 units.

  • 20:14:59

    Riksbank: Appointed Anna Syme as deputy governor, replacing current deputy governor Martin Floden.

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