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2024-07-19 Friday
  • 17:03:08

    According to Nikkei: Japan and NATO are considering establishing a dedicated communication line.

  • 16:47:18

    Philippine Department of Defense: Stronger defense ties between the Philippines and Canada could lead to a visiting forces agreement.

  • 16:45:24

    Philippines and Canada sign early stage defense cooperation agreement.

  • 16:39:58

    Swiss National Bank President Jordan: The fight against inflation has not yet been completely won, but the situation is much better than last year. According to our forecasts, inflation should remain below 2% over the next three years.

  • 16:39:32

    European Commission Executive Vice President Dombrovskis: What worries me most is Russia’s continued military behavior.

  • 16:33:47

    European Commission Executive Vice President Dombrovskis: Challenges in 2024 have the potential to disrupt trade.

  • 16:30:10

    Brent crude oil exceeded $79 per barrel, rising 0.49% on the day.

  • 16:29:07

    Swiss National Bank President Jordan: Inflation forecasts indicate no need to raise interest rates.

  • 16:19:05

    Belarusian Defense Minister: Under the new defense principles, the deployment of nuclear weapons as a coercive measure of strategic deterrence is possible.

  • 16:12:31

    Greek Prime Minister: 2024 will be a very good year for the Greek economy.

  • 16:05:53

    British retail sales data were weak, and British government bond yields of all maturities fell by about 4 basis points after the opening.

  • 16:05:24

    Boeing (BA.N): It will strengthen quality review during the production process of 737 aircraft.

  • 16:05:13

    Boeing (BA.N): Previous problems with the MAX 9 have not materially delayed deliveries to India.

  • 16:04:46

    According to Nippon Sankei Shimbun: The Abe faction of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan will be disbanded.

  • 16:03:23

    Israel Defense Forces: Deputy head of propaganda department of Palestinian Islamic Jihad killed in Gaza airstrike.

  • 15:51:10

    Citi: Raised Coinbase (COIN.O) price target to $151 from $90.

  • 15:47:31

    U.S. natural gas futures fell more than 3.00% during the day and are now trading at $2.616/million British thermal units.

  • 15:39:27

    The Reserve Bank of India: The total non-performing loan ratio is expected to be between 4% and 4.25% in fiscal 2024.

  • 15:37:18

    Boeing (BA.N) executive: In the past few years, Indian domestic airlines have faced the problem of uneven market share.

  • 15:32:51

    Traders have increased bets on a rate cut from the Bank of England, which is now expected to cut rates by 114 basis points this year.

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