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2023-09-22 Friday
  • 23:30:44

    EU Financial Services Director Mayred McQueens: There should be a targeted ban on commissions for financial products sold without advice.

  • 23:28:24

    The Nasdaq 100 rose 2% to its high of the day.

  • 23:27:43

    According to Nigerian newspaper Punch: Nigeria has suspended plans to eliminate fuel subsidies by June.

  • 23:22:32

    WTI crude oil fell back below $74/barrel, down 0.43% on the day.

  • 23:15:26

    Activision Blizzard CEO: British regulators have exaggerated the potential of cloud games, and acquisitions will help the development of artificial intelligence.

  • 23:14:04

    Activision Blizzard CEO says merger with Microsoft will be successful.

  • 23:02:07

    Kansas City Fed manufacturing output index in April -21, expected 3, previous value 3.

  • 23:01:07

    In April, the Kansas City Fed Manufacturing Composite Index was -10, expected -2, and the previous value was 0.

  • 22:53:59

    According to Punchbowl: U.S. Democratic Senator Manchin says he will win any race he enters.

  • 22:52:08

    U.S. energy company EQT sees increased volatility in natural gas prices as coal and nuclear power withdraw.

  • 22:49:54

    Vale sees the iron ore supply-demand balance as "very tight".

  • 22:39:55

    [Panson Macro: The U.S. economy may shrink for two consecutive quarters] Pansen Macro economist Ian Shepherdson said that the U.S. economy "may shrink completely" in the second and third quarters. U.S. GDP grew by 1.1% in the first quarter, with a sharp decline in inventory dragging down growth by 2.3 percentage points, and demand boosting growth by 3.4 percentage points (consumer demand contributed as much as 3.7 percentage points). But the boost to spending from these factors is now fading. As for the unexpected drop in jobless claims, Shepherdson said it looked more like noise than a signal. The rise in jobless claims will lag behind layoffs, with a rebound expected next week.

  • 22:31:23

    After the release of the EIA natural gas inventory data in the United States this week, natural gas futures fell slightly and are now at $2.29/MMBtu.

  • 22:30:12

    The change in EIA natural gas inventories in the United States recorded 79 billion cubic feet in the week to April 21, the largest increase since the week of November 4, 2022.

  • 22:30:02

    The U.S. EIA natural gas inventory for the week ended April 21 was 79 billion cubic feet, compared with an expected 75 billion cubic feet, and the previous value was 75 billion cubic feet.

  • 22:29:22

    Traders: The Argentine peso rose nearly 2% to 465 against the dollar in the black market on reports that Argentina plans to raise interest rates sharply.

  • 22:27:50

    Market news: UK mulls reform of uninsured bank deposits after Silicon Valley bank collapse.

  • 22:27:15

    East African nation Malawi raised its key interest rate to 22% from 18%.

  • 22:25:48

    Valero Energy: Strong demand for diesel in Latin America.

  • 22:25:30

    Valero Energy: Diesel demand will not soften due to strong agricultural demand.

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