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2023-12-11 Monday
  • 22:00:03

    The Conference Board Consumer Expectations Index in July was 88.3, compared with 79.3 in the previous month.

  • 21:58:15

    The Philadelphia Semiconductor index rose 1.4 percent, NXP Semiconductors (NXPI.O ) rose 3.4 percent, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM.N ) rose 2.95 percent and AMD (AMD.O ) rose 1.32 percent.

  • 21:57:21

    The S&P 500 aerospace and defense index hit its lowest level in nearly two months, down 4.7% on the day.

  • 21:50:00

    The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index for July and the Richmond Fed Manufacturing Index will be released in ten minutes.

  • 21:47:06

    An IMF official said Germany should start ending energy crisis aid for households.

  • 21:45:04

    Gu Lansha, chief economist of the IMF: Our suggestion to Japan is that monetary policy can remain loose, but the economy must be prepared for the need to "might start raising interest rates".

  • 21:41:57

    EU Agriculture Commissioner: EU will discuss subsidizing grain shipments (from Ukraine).

  • 21:40:42

    IMF Chief Economist Gulansha: For Spain and other countries that rely on tourism, the strong demand in the service industry has had a positive impact on it.

  • 21:40:34

    According to a Reuters survey, the global economy is expected to grow by 2.7% in 2023 and 2024 (2.5% and 2.8% in the April survey).

  • 21:38:53

    EU Agriculture Commissioner: The EU is ready to export almost all products from Ukraine through the solidarity channel.

  • 21:37:59

    Shares of iRobot hit a one-month low after Amazon (AMZN.O) slashed its bid for the company to $51.75 a share.

  • 21:37:17

    IMF Chief Economist Gu Lansha: Indian authorities will be encouraged to lift (rice export) restrictions.

  • 21:33:57

    General Motors ( GM.N ) fell 5.3 percent.

  • 21:33:04

    Walmart Stores ( WMT.N ) opened up 0.8 percent and was on track to hit a record high by the close.

  • 21:31:51

    General Electric ( GE.N ) opened up 4.2 percent to its highest level since January 2018.

  • 21:31:09

    Raytheon Technologies ( RTX.N ) fell 12%, its biggest intraday drop since March 2020.

  • 21:29:17

    IMF Chief Economist Gu Lansha: There are more and more signs that global economic activities are losing momentum.

  • 21:23:53

    IMF Chief Economist Gulansha: The suspension of the Black Sea Grain Agreement will put pressure on food prices.

  • 21:23:43

    IMF Chief Economist Gu Lansha: Given the expected level of inflation, the US monetary policy needs to remain in the contraction range.

  • 21:20:30

    Gu Lansha, chief economist of the IMF: A large part of the decline in inflation is due to the decline in energy prices.

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