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2023-12-12 Tuesday
  • 01:16:39

    The Fed accepted a total of $1.721 trillion from 96 counterparties in fixed-rate reverse repurchase operations.

  • 01:11:53

    The U.S. five-year Treasury yield was slightly higher after the Treasury auction, up 6.2 basis points on the day to 4.188%.

  • 01:05:43

    U.S. Department of Defense: New round of U.S. aid to Ukraine includes provision of anti-aircraft ammunition, armored vehicles and anti-armor weapons.

  • 01:04:02

    US President Joe Biden has nominated Harry Coker, JR., as National Cyber Director.

  • 00:43:09

    Large German energy company RWE expects adjusted EBITDA of 7.1-7.7 billion euros for the current fiscal year, compared with a previous estimate of 5.8-6.4 billion euros.

  • 00:40:19

    US Department of Defense: US Secretary of Defense Austin held a phone call with the Israeli Defense Minister, emphasizing the need for a broad consensus in Israel.

  • 00:18:14

    LME three-month nickel prices rose more than 5% to $22,545/ton.

  • 00:14:35

    The Central Bank of Nigeria raised its benchmark lending rate to 18.75%.

  • 00:06:17

    A spokesman for the Israeli military acknowledged the increase in suspension requests from reservists.

  • 00:03:49

    U.S. natural gas futures rose 3.00% on the day and are now trading at $2.769/MMBtu.

  • 23:43:32

    WTI crude oil rose more than 1.00% in the day, and is now at $79.64 per barrel; Brent crude oil rose 0.77%.

  • 23:25:22

    Goldman Sachs: It is expected that the nickel market will have a surplus of 218,000 tons and 306,000 tons in 2023 and 2024, respectively.

  • 23:24:14

    Apple (AAPL.O): Our mechanism requires all apps to ask users for permission before tracking them, giving users more control.

  • 23:23:55

    Apple (AAPL.O): Will continue to engage constructively with French antitrust regulators.

  • 23:23:27

    Goldman Sachs: Nickel prices are currently at the top of the industry cost curve, which contradicts the supply constraints required by the expected oversupply.

  • 23:23:07

    Goldman Sachs: We think now is an opportunity to short nickel, maintaining a 3-month target ($19,000 per ton) and a 12-month target ($16,000 per ton).

  • 23:22:04

    Market news: Moscow Exchange will lower the free float requirement for listed companies.

  • 23:21:27

    Goldman Sachs: raised the 3-month copper target price to US$9,250 per ton (originally US$7,750 per ton), raised the 6-month copper target price to US$9,500 per ton (originally US$9,200 per ton), and maintained the 12-month copper target price of US$10,000 per ton.

  • 23:15:33

    Boeing (BA.N) forecasts a need for 2.3 million new commercial pilots, technicians and flight crews over the next 20 years.

  • 23:11:17

    According to RIA Novosti: A Kremlin adviser said the heads of 17 African countries will speak at the Russia-Africa summit in St. Petersburg later this week.

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