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CFDs vs Options: Learn the Difference and Choose Wisely

2023-06-26 15:18:37

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When discerning between contracts for difference (CFDs) and options there are several factors traders may want to evaluate. A CFD involves an arrangement between two parties to exchange the price difference of an underlying asset whereas an option provides the buyer with the choice but not the obligation to purchase or sell an asset at a predetermined price.

Options are most commonly related to stocks and stock indices though they can be utilized with different assets. There are two types of options: call options (to buy) and put options (to sell). Both calls and puts can be bought or sold.

CFDs vs options: Shared Traits

Financial derivatives: Both CFDs and options are derivatives that get their value from an underlying asset. These are contracts that exist between two or more parties.

Speculation: Both these instruments enable traders to speculate on the asset's price movements without the need to physically purchase or possess it. They are used to go long or short on an assets price.

Leverage: Leverage is applied in trading both CFDs and options. In CFDs the broker provides leverage while in options it's ded in the product itself. It's worth noting that while leverage can increase profits it can also intensify losses. Thus it's crucial to have a risk management strategy.

CFDs vs options: Main Differences

Fixed vs varying price: With options you are buying or selling the right (not the obligation) to trade an asset at a predetermined price. With CFDs you agree to trade the price difference of an asset from when your position is opened to when it is closed.

OTC vs exchange trading: CFDs are traded over the counter (OTC) which means they are traded through a broker not on a stock exchange. Conversely most options are traded on exchanges though some options can be traded privately these are known as OTC options.

Underlying asset ownership possibility: With CFDs you cannot own the underlying assets but options allow for this. You have the choice to exercise your call option rights to obtain the underlying asset.

Expiration date: Spot CFDs do not have expiration dates but options do.

Transparency: Options as complex financial products have prices derived from several factors. Diverse types of options can be combined for sophisticated trading strategies. In contrast CFDs considered more transparent have prices that move in alignment with the underlying market.

Risk factors: Buying call and put options restricts your potential risk to the premium price you paid whereas CFDs can lead to higher losses if the market moves against you. It's worth noting that selling call and put options does not entirely eliminate all risks.

Reasons to Trade CFDs

1. Clear pricing

CFD prices are solely driven by the underlying market's movements. Meanwhile the price of option premiums are influenced by multiple factors including the time until expiration and any inherent volatility.

2. Lack of expiration dates

Spot CFDs do not have expiration dates meaning positions can remain open indefinitely. However option contracts can expire and become valueless. As an option nears its expiration its price decreases a phenomenon known as time decay. Consequently positions may naturally lose value over time. This isn't a concern with CFDs where time decay is irrelevant.

3. Leverage

To open a CFD position you only need to deposit a percentage of the total trade known as the margin. But bear in mind while leverage can increase profits it can also magnify losses. Both profits and losses are calculated d on the full value of the trade not the margin value.

4. Market options

CFDs allow trading across a vast array of markets. When trading CFDs with JRFX you gain access to various assets across shares indices forex commodities and more. Most options brokers offer a much narrower range of markets to trade.

Why Opt for JRFX for CFD Trading?

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If the above advantages pique your curiosity you can register with JRFX or download the JRFX App using straightforward steps.


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