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CFDs vs. Futures: Which Should You Choose To Trade?

2023-06-16 09:40:19

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and futures are both sought-after financial derivatives offering a platform for traders to predict and profit from changes in an asset's price. This comparative overview of CFDs and futures aims to illustrate their unique features and commonalities to support your decision-making process for trading.

Understanding CFDs

A Contract for Difference (CFD) is an agreement between two parties to settle the difference in value of an underlying asset or security after a specific period. Investing in CFDs entails acquiring a contract not an actual asset. CFDs employ leverage enabling traders to invest less but benefit from a greater market exposure. They can be applied to a broad spectrum of assets or instruments encouraging portfolio diversification. Furthermore a CFD contract can be extended upon nearing its end subject to agreement by both parties.

The Advantages of CFD Trading

CFDs operate on margin thus require less capital upfront only a percentage of the total trade value. CFDs can be used across multiple markets and assets facilitating investment diversification. Unlike other derivatives CFDs don't have an expiration date; the contract can be extended if desired. Simplicity and lower trading costs since no actual assets are bought or sold make CFDs an attractive option.

Exploring Futures Trading

Futures trading revolves around buying or selling an asset at a fixed price on a future date. Both parties predict an asset's future price and enter a contract binding them to buy or sell the asset at the agreed time irrespective of its value at contract expiration. Futures can be traded across many markets helping traders circumvent considerable losses stemming from sudden price fluctuations by securing an asset or commodity price.

The Advantages of Futures Trading

Futures can be traded across various instruments including stocks and commodities. They also utilize leverage allowing traders to invest only a fraction of the total contract value. Sellers can mitigate the risk of large losses as the selling price is fixed making futures a preferred choice for companies hedging their commodities or goods' prices.

Compare CFDs and Futures

CFDs and futures are both financial derivatives traded on margin and involve predicting an asset's future price. However they have distinct characteristics. CFDs don't require the purchase or sale of an underlying asset while futures do at an agreed time and price. CFDs have a simpler trading process and fewer barriers unlike futures that come with certain trading prerequisites. Futures offer less flexibility and can't be extended after expiration unlike CFDs which can be renewed with mutual consent. Moreover futures contracts have larger spreads compared to CFDs.

Why Choose CFDs over Futures Trading?

1. Flexibility

CFDs offer flexibility allowing trades to remain open indefinitely unlike futures that must be settled before expiration. Futures adhere to specific prices and real market movements such as demand and their products are often concentrated in specific areas.

2. Leverage

Leverage with CFDs involves depositing only a percentage of the total trade value freeing capital for other investments or trades. However it's crucial to note that while leverage can increase profits it can equally magnify losses. Gains and losses are calculated on the total trade value not just the margin.

3. Market Variety

CFDs offer a wide array of markets to trade including shares indices forex commodities and more providing more options than most brokers.

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