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2024-06-20 Thursday
  • 14:32:26

    Belgian Foreign Minister: We will work to impose new sanctions on Iran, including the Revolutionary Guards.

  • 14:09:03

    Market news: Thames Water will increase its business plan spending by €1.1 billion to €19.8 billion.

  • 14:07:23

    According to the British "Mirror": British Prime Minister Sunak will hold a press conference this morning to speak on the Rwanda plan.

  • 13:47:23

    U.S. and Brent crude oil prices fell more than 1.00% during the day and are now trading at $81.21 per barrel and $85.64 per barrel, respectively.

  • 13:38:15

    WTI crude oil futures fell 1.00% during the day and are now trading at $81.39 per barrel.

  • 13:30:23

    The Competition Commission of India has launched a market study on artificial intelligence and competition.

  • 13:19:55

    According to a Reuters poll: Bank Indonesia is expected to cut its key policy rate by 25 basis points to 5.75% in the third quarter (it was expected to be cut to 5.75% in the second quarter in a March poll).

  • 13:18:58

    According to a Reuters survey: 29 out of 35 economists predicted that the Indonesian central bank will keep the 7-day reverse repurchase rate unchanged on April 24, and 6 said it will raise the rate by 25 basis points.

  • 13:11:44

    Citi: Our base case scenario suggests that gold, silver and copper could rally another 5-10% in the next 0-3 months and 15-20% in 6-12 months.

  • 13:02:36

    Aker BP, a Norwegian oil exploration and development company: The Hans field in the North Sea has started production, with total investment estimated at nearly 5 billion Norwegian kroner.

  • 12:38:31

    Market news: Vietnamese police said they arrested an assistant to the National Assembly Chairman, accusing him of abuse of power.

  • 12:31:32

    According to the Australian Financial Review: Goldman Sachs is considering applying for a banking license in Australia.

  • 12:26:49

    Market News: Indonesia is expected to increase palm oil exports in April due to more licenses.

  • 12:07:56

    According to the Financial Times: The New York Stock Exchange surveyed market participants on full-day trading.

  • 12:04:37

    According to the Financial Times: The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is considering strengthening its scrutiny of "passive" investors in US banks.

  • 11:57:58

    The actual trading volume of COMEX gold futures shows that in the past hour, there was an imbalance between long and short orders here. Please refer to "Database-COMEX Gold Futures Actual Trading Volume" for details.

  • 11:51:05

    Bitcoin stood above $66,000 per coin for the first time since April 15, up 2.14% on the day.

  • 11:49:47

    CEO of mining company Hindustan Zinc: Coal prices are expected to rise.

  • 11:49:32

    CEO of mining company Hindustan Zinc: Zinc prices will break through $3,000 per ton in August-September.

  • 11:48:10

    Ethereum broke through $3,200 per coin, up 1.68% on the day.

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