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2024-04-22 Monday
  • 10:32:44

    The mayor of Moscow, Russia, said that a third drone was destroyed near Moscow.

  • 10:17:40

    The UK Maritime Trade Action Office: received reports of an incident near the Gulf of Aden in Yemen. The captain of a merchant ship stated that an explosion occurred near the ship. No damage or injuries were reported.

  • 09:48:00

    The mayor of Moscow, Russia, said that two drones were destroyed near Moscow.

  • 09:20:14

    The UK Maritime Trade Operations Office received a report of an incident 85 nautical miles east of the Gulf of Aden in Yemen.

  • 09:00:51

    Ethereum fell back below $3,500 per coin, down 9.77% on the day.

  • 08:11:00

    U.S. Central Command: The Houthi armed forces launched two drones from Yemen to the Red Sea on March 16. The U.S. military destroyed one of the drones and the other may have crashed. There were no reports of damage to the boat or injuries.

  • 22:46:07

    The Russian Ministry of Defense: The air defense system shot down 15 Ukrainian "Vampire" rockets over the Belgorod region.

  • 21:33:38

    Indian Navy official: The 15 crew members on board the bulk carrier MV RUEN are from Bulgaria, Angola and Myanmar.

  • 20:55:33

    According to Asia News International: Indian naval commandos are conducting a major operation aimed at rescuing the crew of the hijacked merchant ship RUEN from "pirates", officials said.

  • 20:50:21

    Market news: The U.S. and Jordanian air forces jointly launched airdrops into northern Gaza.

  • 19:15:14

    Ethereum fell 5.00% during the day and is now trading at $3,685 per coin.

  • 18:30:31

    The statement showed that Emirati billionaire Mohamed Alabbar signed a cooperation agreement worth US$7 billion with Hungary.

  • 18:14:43

    According to the Wall Street Journal: The United States is investigating Meta Corporation’s role in the sale of illegal drugs.

  • 16:55:16

    European Central Bank Governing Council member Rehn: It is possible to relax policy around the summer. He believes that it is better to take decisions one by one. There are prerequisites for multiple interest rate cuts this year.

  • 16:42:03

    ECB Governing Council Member Rehn: Assessment believes that summer is the time to start easing policy.

  • 16:41:52

    ECB Governing Council Member Rehn: Inflation has fallen rapidly recently.

  • 16:40:56

    According to AFP: NGOs say all cargo has been unloaded from the first aid ship and arrived in Gaza.

  • 16:10:08

    British maritime security company Ambrey: Received reports of "gunshots" 163 meters southeast of El Somalia. Suspects on board the Maltese-flagged bulk carrier "Ruen" opened fire on an Indian Navy warship, which was in The hijacked vessel was intercepted at the target location.

  • 13:13:53

    Ethereum fell to US$3,700 per coin, down 4.62% on the day.

  • 10:53:07

    Tesla (TSLA.O): The price of all Model Y models will increase by $1,000 on April 1.

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