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2024-04-22 Monday
  • 14:52:02

    Gazprom: will continue to deliver gas to Europe via Ukraine, with 40.9 million cubic meters delivered on Friday.

  • 14:49:17

    French Finance Minister Le Maire: Producers who do not comply with (price reduction) commitments will face the risk of financial sanctions.

  • 14:42:17

    French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire: 75 manufacturers have pledged to reduce prices of some products starting next month.

  • 14:41:53

    The Russian ruble fell to 83 against the dollar for the first time since April 7.

  • 14:39:26

    The Tokyo Stock Exchange will launch a carbon credit trading market around October.

  • 14:39:23

    GBP/USD rose more than 10 points in the short term and is now at 1.2567.

  • 14:37:27

    NZD/USD broke above 0.61, up 0.09% on the day.

  • 14:33:15

    As of 2 a.m. ET on June 9, the air quality in New York was moderate.

  • 14:31:22

    Norwegian Petroleum Council: Oil was discovered in the APPRAISAL oil well in the west of the YGGDRASIL oil field in the North Sea, and the total amount of recoverable oil was initially estimated to be between 8.5 million and 14.3 million standard cubic meters.

  • 14:10:08

    Zamrazilova, deputy governor of the Czech central bank: At present, I think the interest rate decision in May is correct.

  • 14:01:59

    The British government issued a statement on the oil and gas windfall profits tax, but said that when prices continue to return to normal levels, the tax rate will fall back to 40%.

  • 14:01:41

    Oil and gas prices will remain above historical norms for the next five years, the UK government said in a statement on the oil and gas windfall tax.

  • 13:58:43

    Philippine National Economic Development Board Secretary said that interest rates will continue.

  • 13:52:40

    Czech central bank deputy governor Zam Razilova: Inflation may fall to single digits in June.

  • 13:50:11

    The Nikkei 225 index rose to 2% in late trading, and is expected to achieve a nine-week winning streak, the longest winning streak since 2017.

  • 13:45:12

    The Philippines is committed to maintaining a high growth trajectory.

  • 13:25:40

    European Central Bank Governing Council Villeroy: Rule adjustments cannot risk excessive debt.

  • 13:22:43

    European Central Bank Governing Council Villeroy: technical adjustments to mortgage rules are possible.

  • 13:15:58

    European Central Bank Governing Council Villeroy: Inflation has indeed slowed down.

  • 13:15:00

    European Central Bank Governing Council Villeroy: Eurozone GDP growth should reach at least 0.6% in 2023.

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