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2024-04-22 Monday
  • 12:14:44

    Bank of Malaysia: Future inflation risks mainly come from the development of the global situation.

  • 12:14:29

    Bank Negara Malaysia: Headline and core inflation expected to average between 2.8% and 3.8% in 2023.

  • 12:13:21

    Bank Negara Malaysia: Headline inflation continued to slow to 2.8% in the second quarter.

  • 12:08:11

    Market news: Iran set the price of Iranian light crude oil sold to Asia in September at $3.45 per barrel higher than the average price of Oman/Dubai.

  • 12:02:48

    The net profit of Longfor Group (00960.HK) in the first half of 2023 was 8.06 billion yuan, compared with 7.48 billion yuan in the same period last year.

  • 11:45:22

    Citi: In terms of fundamentals, Indian equities are in a relatively good position among emerging market economies. Nonetheless, the June 2024 NIFTY 50 index target remains unchanged at 19,800 as relative valuations are high.

  • 11:33:44

    Ministry of Tourism of Thailand: Thailand received a total of 16.47 million foreign tourists from January to August 13.

  • 10:47:33

    National Hurricane Center: Hurricane "Hillary" continues to rapidly increase in winds, and a hurricane warning has been issued for parts of the West Coast in southern Baja California.

  • 10:32:15

    The Hong Kong Observatory issued a yellow rainstorm warning signal.

  • 10:27:20

    Qatar raised the price of Al-Shaheen crude oil by US$1.90-2.10 per barrel in October.

  • 10:22:53

    According to CNBC: Philippine central bank governor said they have sufficient foreign exchange reserves.

  • 10:22:32

    According to CNBC: Philippine central bank governor said they have room to raise interest rates without shrinking the economy.

  • 09:53:36

    Traders: Asian high-grade US dollar bond spreads widened by at least 1 basis point.

  • 09:52:53

    Traders: Asia ex-Japan Markit investment grade credit default swaps (CDS) index up 2 basis points.

  • 09:43:51

    Russian Ministry of Defense: Ukraine attempted drone strikes on Moscow and surrounding areas.

  • 09:34:25

    USGS: A magnitude 5 earthquake struck 7 kilometers north of Kumaral, Colombia.

  • 09:31:30

    The Philippine peso extended gains to 0.5% against the dollar after the Philippine central bank said it was ready to raise interest rates.

  • 09:26:09

    Mayor of Moscow, Russia: A drone was shot down in the center of Moscow.

  • 09:25:10

    WTI crude oil stood at $80/barrel, up 0.55% on the day.

  • 09:15:24

    The central parity rate of RMB against the US dollar increased by 70 points from the previous day to 7.2006.

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