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2024-05-19 Sunday
  • 07:57:20

    Fed Mester: The Fed will keep interest rates restrictive to reduce inflation.

  • 07:37:02

    Fed Mester: The Fed needs to keep interest rates high to ensure inflation returns to 2%.

  • 07:36:27

    Fed Mester: Although inflation is too high, we have seen promising signs of progress in reducing price pressures.

  • 07:33:05

    Fed Mester: The economy is growing faster than expected and the job market is strong, but has slowed and is entering a better balance.

  • 07:32:28

    Fed Mester: We are seeing some signs that wage pressures are easing and credit conditions have tightened in line with monetary policy.

  • 07:31:57

    Fed Mester: The path of monetary policy depends on economic performance.

  • 07:21:35

    Market news: The Australian government launches consultations on future natural gas strategy.

  • 07:20:00

    Mester, the 2025 FOMC voting committee member and President of the Cleveland Fed, will speak on the U.S. economic outlook in ten minutes.

  • 07:17:41

    Spot silver fell 1.00% on the day and is now at $20.82 per ounce.

  • 07:10:48

    Market news: US Republican Congressman Gates proposed to formally remove Speaker of the US House of Representatives McCarthy.

  • 07:04:41

    Spot silver fell back below $21 per ounce, down 0.27% on the day.

  • 07:01:02

    The annual rate of the British BRC store price index in September was 6.2%, compared with the previous value of 6.90%.

  • 06:54:02

    Bank of America: Raise its forecast for Japan’s inflation, expecting core CPI to exceed 2% by 2025.

  • 06:50:06

    COMEX silver futures fell more than 1.00% during the day and are currently trading at $21.21 per ounce.

  • 06:37:39

    According to Automotive News: The United Auto Workers (UAW) has made a new counteroffer demand to General Motors (GM).

  • 06:05:51

    According to the Syrian National News Agency: Israel conducted air strikes on the positions of the Syrian armed forces near Dir ez-Zor.

  • 06:00:21

    Governor of the Bryansk region in Russia: The air defense system destroyed a Ukrainian drone in the Trubchevsk district of the state.

  • 05:49:36

    The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee will hold a hearing on the nomination of the head of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on October 4.

  • 05:06:21

    Argentine Government: Argentina’s tax revenue in September was 4.303 trillion Argentine pesos, a year-on-year increase of 102.3%.

  • 05:04:48

    Republican U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan said he does not support the motion to repeal McCarthy.

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