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2023-12-11 Monday
  • 03:31:53

    US President Joe Biden: We need to continue to make progress on inflation.

  • 03:22:44

    Government reports show that the Biden administration plans to buy 9,500 electric vehicles for the government fleet this fiscal year.

  • 03:09:35

    Market news: Raytheon Technologies (RTX.N) is expected to be the main contractor for arms sales to Germany.

  • 03:01:03

    Nasdaq CEO: Regulatory factors have caused the company to reconsider hosting plans.

  • 02:59:20

    Canadian Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority (OSFI): The liquidity rules for ETFs will be clarified before October, and high-interest ETFs may receive wholesale liquidity treatment.

  • 02:56:35

    Nasdaq CEO: The regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies is changing.

  • 02:55:53

    According to the Financial Times of the United Kingdom: the United Kingdom provides subsidies of 500 million pounds for the Tata car battery factory.

  • 02:46:58

    A U.S. House of Representatives committee hopes to revive stalled self-driving legislation, with a U.S. House panel set to hold legislative hearings on two draft self-driving proposals on July 26, sources said.

  • 02:21:59

    Spokesperson of Italian oil company Eni Group: We firmly believe that the correct action has been taken on this issue.

  • 02:21:44

    Spokesperson of the Italian oil company Eni: We are providing full cooperation to the anti-monopoly agency for the investigation on transportation fuels.

  • 02:21:09

    Polish Development Fund (PFR): Falling interest rates in Poland should limit loan deferrals until 2024.

  • 02:12:54

    US Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: The Senate defense policy bill has bipartisan support.

  • 02:10:30

    The premier of British Columbia, Canada, said the immediate solution to the port strike problem would not be the federal government passing back-to-work legislation because it would take time, urging both parties to the port strike to return to the negotiating table.

  • 02:03:25

    The Western Canadian Longshoremen Union issued a new 72-hour strike notice, which will take effect at 9 a.m. local time on Saturday.

  • 02:02:18

    National Hurricane Center: Tropical Storm Calvin passes south of Hawaii, causing flooding on the Big Island.

  • 01:39:53

    The U.S. military said Microsoft is on track to deliver the improved goggles, and testing with soldiers will determine whether the goggles in question work properly.

  • 01:17:20

    The Fed accepted a total of $1.733 trillion from 97 counterparties in fixed-rate reverse repurchase operations.

  • 00:51:22

    Ramsden, deputy governor of the Bank of England: The latest UK inflation data shows that the persistent inflation indicator is still slightly higher than the Bank of England expected in May.

  • 00:45:44

    The U.S. Department of Defense announced additional security assistance to Ukraine totaling $1.3 billion, including critical air defense capabilities and munitions.

  • 00:41:14

    Ramsden, deputy governor of the Bank of England: It cannot be ruled out that interest rates will return to below zero in the next interest rate cycle, and we need to leave room for new quantitative easing policies.

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