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Crude Oil Futures Investment Needs How to Grasp the Opportunity to Enter the Market

2022-05-25 17:21:19

Crude oil futures investment is a very popular investment project at the moment. It has many characteristics such as leverage and two-way trading, which attracts many investors. To invest in crude oil futures, in addition to preparing sufficient funds, it is also necessary to grasp the investment. In the world of the market, how do you need to grasp the timing of entering the market in crude oil futures investment?


Take a closer look at the overall trend

In theory, the most important thing is the high and low points of the band, but this is indeed the most easily overlooked place, whether it is the high and low points on the daily line or the high and low points on the 5-minute chart, which are more worthy of attention. The value of attention is very large. Investors can judge the direction and choose the entry point according to the high and low points of a trend, set the stop loss and understand the time of the position.


Comparison of long and short trends

This is to use Fibonacci support and resistance levels to observe the trend. This method looks very simple, but it is often ignored by investors when it is used. Because there are many types of trends, there are also many types of resistance levels. If It's easy to overlook without looking closely.


Look at the conversion of large and small cycles

When looking at the chart, look at the big cycle. The daily chart needs to be viewed every day, the axis is viewed once a week, and the monthly chart is viewed every month. Or combine the 1-hour and 15-minute charts and use the 30-minute chart to see both Yes, it is possible to look at the big from the big and the small, and then to see the big from a young age. The former is to understand the overall trend, while the latter is to better choose the entry point. Looking at the big trend is from the small cycle level to one. If the level spreads and then forms a big trend, the impatient understanding of the trend change must start from a small cycle.


Combination of MACD and moving average

The difference between these two indicators, MACD tells about the relationship between the moving averages. In addition to showing the adhesive divergence, the moving averages also describe the relationship with the price space. MACD pays attention to the moving average and adhesive divergence, that is, the enhancement and weakening of price fluctuation energy, as well as the deviation from the price trend. The moving average shows the relationship with the position of the K line.


Look at the reversal pattern combined with the trend

The reversal pattern does not dare to have a high success rate. This is a contrarian operation. If the short-term contrarian is reversed, the reversal pattern of the mid-line follow the trend can be paid attention to, which is why it is necessary to observe the trend in combination.


Look especially at the slope of the trend

Pay more attention to the trend with small slope, the smaller the slope, the weaker the trend, the larger the slope, the stronger the trend, and the strong trend opportunities are developed from the weak trend with small slope, pay attention to the weak trend, the purpose is Catch strong trends.

Risk WarningThe above content is for reference only, and does not represent JRFX’s position. JRFX does not assume any form of loss caused by any trading carried out in accordance with this article. Please consult your financial planner for your investment portfolios and manage your own risk.

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