JRFX Wraps-Up The Big Event of Thailand Fintech Festival

2023-10-04 09:52:03

Bangkok, Thailand - September 27-28, 2023 - JRFX, a leading global broker, participated in the Thailand Fintech Festival held in Bangkok, Thailand. JRFX garnered widespread attention with its high-quality order execution, complete transparency, and industry-leading trading conditions.


As a globally renowned forex broker, representatives from JRFX engaged in extensive discussions with financial practitioners and technical experts from around the world. JRFX showcased an impressive range of products and services in Thailand, earning support and acclaim from over 4 million customers worldwide for its commitment to providing excellent service, technical support, and trading experience.


JRFX's proprietary JRFX APP synchronizes real-time trading data with MetaTrader 4, offering customers a convenient mobile trading platform that integrates account opening, trading, deposits and withdrawals, real-time quotes, market broadcasts, financial news, expert analysis, and customer service consultation. This empowers clients to trade anytime, anywhere using their mobile phones and seize profitable opportunities.


During the Fintech Festival, JRFX engaged in multiple rounds of collaborative discussions and exchanges with customers. The company launched a referral program aimed at helping clients achieve their financial goals and enhance their overall economic value through friend referrals and shared rewards.


JRFX takes great pride in the success of this exhibition and sincerely thanks its esteemed customers for their trust and support. The company looks forward to more opportunities for communication and collaboration with clients in the future, and will continue to strive in providing exceptional financial products and services to help clients achieve their financial goals.


About JRFX


JRFX is a leading global forex broker committed to being the best online broker in the industry. We continuously innovate and improve our services to meet the needs of traders worldwide. With an experienced and knowledgeable professional team, we aim to enhance the efficiency and reliability of our clients' wealth management services, working together with clients and partners to achieve financial ives.

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