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2023-09-01 09:47:03

Referral Program Friends recommend and share rewards

Eligibility for Participation
All existing JRFX customers are eligible to participate in the referral program.
You only need to have a certified JRFX trading account, accumulatively deposit 100 US dollars or more, and complete 1 standard lot transaction, you can log in to MyJRFX, join the MGM referral program, and start getting rewards with your friends.

How many friends can I invite?
JRFX's MGM referral program aims to reward JRFX's loyal customers. Therefore, there is no limit to inviting friends. Note that your friend must complete the required conditions for the referral bonus to work.

Recommendation process
Step 1: Become a JRFX customer and complete the certification, deposit 100 US dollars, and complete 1 standard lot transaction
Step 2: Log in to MyJRFX to sign up for the MGM referral program
Step 3: After successfully participating in the referral program, share the referral code or exclusive  to your friends*
Step 4: Your friend completes a cumulative deposit of 100 US dollars and a transaction of 1 standard lot within 30 days after opening the account

* In order for the referral to be effective, the referee needs to open an account through the referrer's referral code or referral . Otherwise, it is considered as not participating in the recommendation plan.

How do I withdraw my bonus money?
30 days after the referee’s account is activated, if the task is completed, the reward will be automatically settled between the referrer and the referee, and will be directly deposited into the trading account.

$100 and up881

Detailed definition of the activity rules:

Qualifications for becoming a referrer:
1. Account holders who have registered in JRFX and passed the audit to complete the account capital injection of more than 100 US dollars
2. Existing JRFX customers who hold active accounts are individuals Account
3. Residents of Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and India
4. At least 18 years old or the jurisdiction has reached the age of majority
5. The referrer must have at least 1 lot of foreign exchange trading volume in the past 12 months
6. Non-JRFX introducing brokers or about to be approved to become a broker
7. Non-WolFinance community members
8. Submit an application for participation in the affiliate center and successfully participate in the event

Required person qualification requirements:
1. Must not be recommended by a third party who has a broker relationship with JRFX or any of its affiliated companies
2. Not a member of the WolFinance community
3. The referee does not have or hold an account with JRFX or its affiliated companies
4. Accumulated deposits in new accounts 100 US dollars or more
5. Within 30 days after the referee’s first deposit, the corresponding amount of closing orders has been completed
6. At least 18 years old or above the age of majority in the jurisdiction

Reward payment methods and conditions:
1. Within 15 working days, the reward will be accumulatively credited to the trading account of the qualified participant (referrer and referee)
2. The account of the participant must be opened for the reward on the date when the reward expires, be active and have no disputes or violations, otherwise our company has the right to cancel the reward and qualification for participating in the event
3. Transaction entry Gold and the target number of hands that need to be completed must be met at the same time to be able to obtain the corresponding transaction bonus

Other terms:
1.The number of places in this program is limited and will not be notified until supplies last.
2. Sign up to participate in the event, agreeing to and complying with the terms of this event.
3. JRFX reserves the right to change, extend, shorten or cancel this plan at any time at its sole discretion. If the above operations are performed, no prior notice will be given, and the Bank will not assume any responsibility.
4. We will not reply to any communication related to this program. No legal recourse.
5. Participating in this plan means that the referrer and the recommended client agree that both parties will be directly or indirectly informed about the account opening in JRFX, as well as the deposit and transaction information related to meeting the conditions of this activity plan.
6. When referral rewards are used for transactions, transaction-related fees and handling fees will be automatically deducted from the available referral bonuses.
7. During the promotion period, the trading account remained open without any dispute or breach of contract.

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