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Daily Outlook: OECD warned that the economic growth momentum of the United States, Japan and the Eurozone showed signs of slowing down


The U.S. Senate passed a $550 billion infrastructure bill for Biden to win a major victory:

The U.S. Senate passed a $550 billion infrastructure bill, marking that the U.S. will implement the largest spending on public facilities in decades and winning a major victory on the economic agenda for President Joe Biden. Members of both parties in the Senate passed the infrastructure bill with a vote of 69-30 on Tuesday, making a breakthrough on this issue that has plagued Congress and the President for many years. However, the spirit of bipartisan cooperation will soon dissipate. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has immediately shifted his focus to a one-party budget resolution in an attempt to pass a 3.5 trillion US dollar economic plan involving extensive social spending and tax increases. .


Fed official Evans expects to see substantive progress later this year in support of reducing bond purchases:

When talking about the Fed’s signs of reducing bond purchases, Chicago Fed President Charles Evans said, “I do expect that we may see further substantial progress later this year. I don’t think we have to wait until next year.”


The Fed's use of reverse repurchase tools is once again approaching $1 trillion:

The Fed’s demand for reverse repurchase tools rose for the fifth consecutive day on Tuesday, as the financing market was flooded with cash. The Fed's ongoing asset purchases and the withdrawal of cash from its general accounts by the Treasury Department have created a surplus of cash; in addition, the principal and interest expenditures of government-backed companies are also pouring in.


U.S. productivity growth slowed in the second quarter and was worse than expected:

The US productivity growth rate in the second quarter slowed down from the rapid growth in the previous quarter. Data released by the Department of Labor on Tuesday showed that the hourly output of non-agricultural employees in the second quarter increased by 2.3% at an annual rate, which was not as good as the 4.3% increase in the first quarter and also worse than the median estimate of a 3.2% increase in Bloomberg survey economists. . Increased productivity usually means that the economy can produce more goods and services without a corresponding increase in inflation.


The chip delivery time is more than 20 weeks, and the supply shortage shows no signs of alleviating:

From order to receipt, chip-hungry companies waited more than 20 weeks, indicating that the shortage of chips that restrict automakers and computer makers' production is getting worse. According to research by Susquehanna Financial Group, the chip delivery cycle reached 20.2 weeks in July, an increase of more than 8 days from the previous month.


The OECD warned that the economic growth momentum of the United States, Japan and the Eurozone showed signs of slowing down:

An OECD indicator shows that economic growth in the United States, Japan and the Eurozone will slow down, and economic activity will see a turning point in the next six to nine months. The OECD warned that its indicators should be interpreted cautiously. The indicators may release more signals than actual economic growth.


It is reported that Apple's next-generation iPhone will upgrade its camera and video functions:

Apple's next-generation iPhone will have at least three important new cameras and video recording functions, and hopes to use this as a key selling point for this upgrade. People familiar with the matter said that the new series will have a video version of the portrait mode, which can record videos in a higher-quality format called ProRes, and there will also be a new filter-like system that can improve the appearance and color of photos. The camera function is regarded as the biggest selling point of the next-generation iPhone and is expected to be available in the next few weeks.

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