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Daily Outlook: US SEC guides the Bitcoin ETF: accept strict supervision


The Delta variant virus is coming fiercely, and the herd immunity threshold is pushed up to more than 80%:

The American Society of Infectious Diseases stated at a briefing on Tuesday that the spread of the delta new coronavirus variant has pushed the threshold for herd immunity to more than 80%, and may be close to 90%. Franco, an assistant professor at the University of Alabama, said this is "much higher" than the previous estimate of 60% to 70%, because the delta transmission rate is twice that of the previous virus. "Obviously this is a very dangerous virus, much more dangerous than the original virus," Franco said. Herd immunity is based on the idea that when a certain percentage of the population has been vaccinated or previously infected and gained immunity, it will help protect a wider population and reduce the spread of the virus.


New York City will require customers in restaurants, gyms and other indoor venues to produce proof of vaccination:

New York Mayor Blasio said that New York City will require staff and customers in indoor restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues to provide vaccination certificates. De Blasio announced the "New York City Pass Key", and New York became the first city in the United States to require employees and indoor customers to be vaccinated. This policy took effect through the mayor’s administrative decree and the health bureau’s order. It was launched on August 16 and was implemented in phases. Enforcement began on September 13.


Fed Governor Bowman said the rate of hiring is encouraging, but the number of employed people is far below the level before the epidemic:

Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman said that the high number of job openings in the United States "is a very promising sign that opportunities are increasing," but pointed out that millions of Americans are still unemployed. "Despite the recent encouraging rate of recruitment, the number of employed persons is still far below the previous level. The number of employed persons in June this year was 6.8 million lower than in February 2020."


Daly of the Federal Reserve predicts that the unemployed in the United States will return to the labor market:

Mary Daly, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, said that there is "no reason" for predicting that many of the nearly 10 million unemployed Americans will not return to the labor market over time.


The world's major banks made a profit of 170 billion U.S. dollars in the pandemic, setting the most profitable year in history:

Don't worry about what bankers are exhausted, worry about returning to the office and a new wave of epidemics. For the world's largest investment bank, a simple and prominent fact is that they are creating unprecedented profits. The dust of the earnings season has settled, and the combined profits of more than a dozen of the largest banks in the past four quarters have exceeded 170 billion US dollars. JPMorgan Chase is particularly good, earning profits equivalent to US$131 million in daily profits.


Gensler, the chairman of the US SEC, guides the Bitcoin ETF: accept strict supervision:

The chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission Gary Gensler hinted at a way to approve the establishment of a Bitcoin ETF, saying that ETFs that comply with the SEC’s strict rules on mutual funds can provide investors with the necessary protection. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe that Bitcoin ETFs are essential for cryptocurrency to enter the mainstream field.


The UK is reported to have considered blocking the acquisition of Arm by Nvidia, the largest US chip maker due to national security concerns:

According to people familiar with the matter, the UK is considering blocking Nvidia’s acquisition of Arm Ltd. due to potential national security risks. Calculated by market value, Nvidia, the largest chip company in the United States, announced in September last year that it would acquire Arm for US$40 billion to expand its presence in the rapidly developing semiconductor market. Arm is currently owned by the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank.

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