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Make the most of your trading skills by becoming a Strategy Manager with JRFX Invest. This innovative copy trading program gives you the chance to earn additional profits, on top of the ones you’re already making.


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Want to trade forex but don’t know where to start? Experience all the excitement of the most liquid market in the world when you copy the trades of a suitable Strategy Manager. Sit back and watch your potential profits grow with Copy Trade Service

We’ve created a dedicated space for our Strategy Managers where their trading statistics are automatically displayed in appealing detail, and ready for you to share on your Post or Group. All you have to do is trade well, keep making those potential gains, and we’ll do the rest!


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Be sure to open a live MT4 trading account if you do not have already one. It only takes a few minutes to complete registration!

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Simply visit the WolFinace APP and link your JRFX trading account to WolFinance Trading. Then select the TraderMaster(s) you like the most and copy their traders.

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