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U.S. Stocks Plummeted! Three Major Risks Have Caused Drastic Changes in the Market

★Summary★The rapid increase in the number of new crown cases in the United States and other countries has aggravated people’s fears that the epidemic will wors

21.07.2021 10:09:44

Non-farm Data are Improving, US Stocks Continue to Hit Record Highs

★Summary★After the Fed issued a tough monetary policy signal, US stocks continued to rise, the S & P 500 and NASDAQ continued to hit record highs, and the m

05.07.2021 17:54:11

Global Stock Markets Perform Well; Focusing on PCE Inflation in The United States

★ Summary★ U.S. president Joe Biden announced on June 24 local time that he had reached an infrastructure agreement with senators from both parties. Biden said

25.06.2021 16:37:37

HSI Analysis: There is a better chance of a breakthrough in the future rise

★ Summary★ Kaplan, a hawkish Fed official, said Wednesday that the performance of the US economy may reach the threshold of shrinking QE sooner than expected. H

25.06.2021 09:52:26

Daily Outlook: Higher Interest Rates are a Good Thing for the United States?

01The growth of non-farm payrolls in the United States accelerated in May, but lower than market expectations: Employment growth accelerated in May and the unempl

07.06.2021 11:46:10

Asian Stock Markets Perform Well. What are the Investment Opportunities?

Supported by improving global economic conditions and positive factors for structural growth, Asian stock markets continue to maintain good prospects.Risk and opportunity.&

03.06.2021 11:21:04

US Stocks are Closed on Monday and to Enter the Off-season in June

★ Summary ★ US stocks ended the last trading day of May on Friday. Looking back last week, the index rose 1.2 per cent, while the Dow rose 0.9 per cent and

31.05.2021 11:58:42

US Stocks Fluctuate at a High Level, Be on Guard Against Three Major Risks

US. stocks closed slightly higher on Wednesday, as stocks rallied as the economy restarted. The epidemic situation in the United States has slowed down, and nearly half of the p

27.05.2021 10:55:35

JPMorgan: 4 Positive Support, European Stock Market is Expected to Remain Strong

JPMorgan said that looking ahead, European stocks should continue to be supported given the significant improvement in COVID-19 vaccination, the upcoming financial support measu

26.05.2021 10:40:00

Stock Dive on Biden Plan to Lift Capital Gains Tax

Newly revealed details show that the Biden government plans to raise taxes sharply for high-income earners, not just for businesses. US stock market plunged by 400

23.04.2021 11:06:16

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